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Our new rescue! (edited and pupdated on 8/13/2023)

We were the confirmed rescue of this girl. The 'rescue needed' post said 27 lbs, 2 yrs old, and heartworm positive. I did not know anything else about her. This one head pic was all I have. Not even her body condition or disposition.*pupdate* as per shelter 'She lived with 4 other dogs- came from a cruelty case'. She needed help and seems like a fit for us. Maybe a Spitz-Border Collie-Sheltie-Pom mix? Y'all know I will keep you informed every step of the way. The plan right now for the heartworm treatment will be the 'slow kill method' unless directed differently by my vet. If at all possible, we could use a donation or two. But as always- you take care of you and your's first! God always provides in the most amazing ways, and I appreciate you all so much.

The mailing addy is inc, PO Box 14, Roebuck SC 29376

Or Paypal email address is or we have a PayPal link here and debit/credit card payment links (Zelle or Stripe) on the main page of our new website.

The reply from the shelter said that they would try and get her spayed on 7/21 which they did! and I asked them to let me know when was the soonest we could pick her up - so we picked her up that day. She is doing every well! I am excited. We don't get many young ones, so this should be interesting!

Pupdates below!


July 30, 2023

The last week has been a learning experience. I am sure my dog rescue friends will agree with the line from Forest Gump about the box of chocolates, only I have a dog version: "Dog rescues are like a box of chocolates, you never know what you're going to get.” In this case we had almost no info, and only a head shot before we were committed to 'Unicorn's' rescue. She really could have been anything. After 10 days in rescue, here is what I know now. She is ACTIVE, beyond any dog I have ever had. She is the most GRATEFUL dog, I have ever met. She even gives hugs and means them!

She takes her medicine with out spitting it at me, biting me or even hesitating. She eats quickly, and efficiently - everything that I put in front of her. She has not been food aggressive, nor do I think she ever will be. She quickly learns things/words/commands/calls that most dogs would take weeks to learn. She watches EVERYTHING. She will know how to open doors by herself before the end of this week. If I give her a treat, she knows exactly where they came from and will be waiting for it again if she should repeat the task. She attached to us very quickly and would protect us with her last breath. Lawnmowers, weed eaters, blowers, vacuum cleaners, blenders and anything else with a motor that moves - will cause a loud reaction from her and she will try to put herself between us and the offending item. It is something to see! From what I have watched on vids, this is normal for a Border Collie. They have highly sensitive hearing and movement noticing skills in order to protect their herd. So letting her out when running the vacuum, and in when running the lawn mower, etc- is the way to best manage her. She went through every dog in the pack, one at a time, testing-trying and figuring them out. I had to try to relax and take many deep breaths as I watched her closely. She can sense tension and I didn't want to send that out to her. Any growl or noise they made just tore my nerves up. But so far so good. She just wants to figure out her place. She plays rough with Chief, but he is holding out very well. With her herding instinct- she wants to grab his legs when they run. He is starting to growl at her when she does this, but she is a quick study-so I can see her check herself when he finally growls. He is just so darn good natured that he lets it go on longer than he should. But it has been nice for him and Wolf, because Wolf was always the one that had to wear Chief down. After about 5 days, she and Wolf had a few growls, but seem to be on the same level now. She is letting him lick her face. That is his 'job'. I have groomed her, and she seems to like it. She was no problem at all. She even lets me handle her paws. This morning she let me cut the little matts off behind her ears. Her ear tips had been eaten by so many fly strikes. I suppose it was from being left outside. The scabs fell off and left the ends of her ears bare. I noticed this morning that the hair is already growing back. She must have been left to sleep under a porch, as she tends to want to dig and go under the deck walk. She has a strong personality. If we had another female 'alpha' like Terra, Mollie, or Angel, we would probably be in a pickle. She reminds me a lot of Mollie's personality. In the first few days she started out thinking she could run in and out the exterior doors when we did, but has quickly learned not to. And totally learned 'Stay' in about 2 mins. So here is where we are.... After all these years, this new dog is teaching these old dogs(us!) new tricks!!

Oh -I almost forgot- she LOVES toys! It really is fun to play with a dog that has probably never had toys and now loves them!

August 8, 2023

18 days rescued report: 'Timber' has been busy and we are learning more about her every day. She went swimming, LOUDLY predicted thunderstorms, LOUDLY protested thunderstorms, counter surfed and had herself a fourth of a watermelon, decided to test all the dogs again and made sure we did not feel unloved! She likes to hike herself up on the windowsills and watch the world come and go. She ENJOYS toys and has the mouth of a Crocodile, while Chief has the mouth of an Alligator and Wolf that of an Iguana….The amount of teeth in her muzzle would make you gasp! The rows of teeth go all the way to the back of her head! Who knew?? We have to watch our fingers if we should happen to have food smells on our hands, as she thinks our fat, little fingers are a treat for her. She got snappish over the remote, and we have no idea why- maybe she liked that program? LOL She LOVED our youngest grandson and was just all over him, loving on him. At some point in her life, she must have had herself a boy and was very protective of him. She would have taken on a dragon if one had come after him. Chief finally had enough of the leg nipping and rolled her over a couple of times in the yard and will probably have to do it a couple of more, as she sure likes to ‘herd’ him. They are still very good friends. Wolf has tried very hard to get himself eaten, but he has survived and she is coming to an understanding that despite his unpredictable outbursts, he is rather important and no messing with him with be tolerated. He actually likes her and still loves washing her face. The other Poms are fine with her and just try to stay out of the way as she and Chief run, wrestle and play rough. I cannot believe how big her tail is under the fluff! I think I understand now why they dock Border Collie and Corgi tails. If a predator got a hold of their tails, there would be no getting loose! It is like a thick cable. I am not in any way thinking of or supporting tail docking, just making an observation. I am used to tiny, Pom tails!

I bought three larger toys at Marshalls last week- as the toys around here are getting torn up at an alarming rate. One was a soccer ball looking thing with handles on it. It lasted 4 days. RIP. The other 2 are large, soft ropes with a plastic chewy thing on them. The plastic chewy part has started chipping off and is being sawed off today. So far they have not chewed through the ropes and drag each other through the yard with them. As Timber gets stronger, her stamina and energy increases. I had no idea a dog had this much energy! The BC vids say that they have the biggest hearts in order to have the energy and strength to herd all the sheep. I believe it. I am praying that her heart is so strong that she is going to have no complications with the heart worms tx. She is still taking the medicine well and gives me no issues with it. Timber is so smart, and easily trained. She has learned sit, stay and down already. The training is handy. Maybe one day she will train the other dogs? LOL There have been some anxious moments, some adjustments, and a few ‘kerflufals’, as pack order has been worked out. - one dog at a time. Every day has been better than the last and as you can see, she and Wolf have an understanding now. I am very pleased and a bit relieved. I think Wolf imagines he is the boss of everybody, so I won’t tell him any different!

I think we have her breed cross figured out. I saw a vid last night and they said that a cross between a Corgi and a Border Collie was called a ‘Borgi’.

So that is where we are this week. If anyone wants to donate toys or food we would sure appreciate it!!


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