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Our annual Christmas pics video

(longer version) see shorter version below

Christmas with This is our attempt at making of the 2023 Christmas video. In the past we have taken the pictures of our rescued dogs for the cover of our Christmas cards. It started out as such a 'fiasco' that I decided to film it. Our video has become a yearly special for our friends and supporters. By sharing you can help us in our major fundraising effort of the year Please share, like, subscribe to our channel and please donate if you can. We currently have THREE BLIND Dogs, and two of them are Diabetic and on expensive insulin twice a day and and the third one is DEAF as well as blind. All but three of them are special needs seniors. The Border Collie mix(Timber) is our latest rescue and is heartworm positive. Thank you so much for any help you might can give!

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Our mailing address is :

PO Box 14

Roebuck, SC 29376

If you would like to donate via PayPal our email address is #Pomrescue #pomeranian #ElaineHarris #rescuedogs #Pomeranianrescue #dog

Our CAST of Characters:

Trouble(Cream, senior, blind, diabetic Pom in the Elf costume)

Lucy (Black, smaller, senior, blind, diabetic Pom in the red dress

Ryder (Black, senior, coughing, chunky, larger Pom in the red Santa hoody)

Buddy (Brown sable, blind, senior, chunky, larger Pom in a red Santa hoody)

Wolf (Mini-Wolf Pom that is bouncing all over the place and taking off his costume at every opportunity....)

Timber (black and white, Border Collie mix that is going through 'slow kill' treatment for heart worms in the red dress)

Chief (German Shep with the patience of Job and a checked collar)

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

Elaine and the dogs of

MUSIC CREDIT: Inner Light by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 license. Source: Artist:

(Shorter version)


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