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WELCOME to the new website! We are the same PomRescuers, just a fresh new site!

I am so happy that you are here. If you are just finding us, hello and welcome! If you are a friend, adopter, supporter or PomRescue family member, welcome back! With out you, we would have long ceased to exist.

Our old website host of 15 years became too expensive and was no longer secure, so we found a new home. I am learning how to build this site, and I hope you will stick with us as we navigate our way around.

This July the 8th will be's 19th birthday! I was 47 when we started and I am in my sixties now. As I dismantled the old website, I saved the pics and posts. It was quite a walk through Pom memory Lane. So many sweet dogs, and wonderful people. I remember a time when I was looking after 21 dogs at our house! As I have grown older, slower and hopefully smarter- we have had to take on less dogs. I know now that the ones we take in could be 'lifers' and stay with us the rest of their lives. I never know what kind of physical issues, or behavior issues we might be dealing with. For example, take Kelsey. She looked so sweet at the shelter and had been dumped by her family in the week before Christmas. I had no warning that she was a biter, and the shelter 'donated' a crate for her to go home in. My friend transported her to me in the crate. She bit me badly at our first contact. Kelsey was a 'behavior challenge' for the entire 7 years that she had a home with us. There was no way that she could have been adopted. We just adjusted and gave her a home, until the end. So you see, we commit to these dogs, and we 'never know what we're gonna get'!


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